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Production Story 3: Inside story of the market segment slogans


Production Story 3: Inside story of the market segment slogans

The first and second articles introduced the thoughts behind the logo of each market segment and the campaign logo for the market restructuring. Did you know, however, that the three new market segments also have slogans? Let’s take a moment to look at them now.

Slogans showing clear concepts

We explained that one of this market restructuring’s objectives was to clarify each segment’s concept, which had been vague up to now, and create an easy-to-understand and highly convenient market. The slogans for each market segment reflect a clear concept.

The Prime Market: “Innovating the world.”

The Prime Market is a market for companies which achieve growth from a global perspective through constructive dialogue with international investors, indeed positioning it as a market for “innovating the world.”

The Standard Market: “Vitalizing the economy.”

The Standard Market is the definitive and most traditional market segment on TSE and consists of listed companies which are expected to play a central role in building the Japanese economy. This is the market for “vitalizing the economy” in regional areas and Japan as a whole.

The Growth Market: “Pioneering success.”

The Growth Market is a market for companies with high growth potential that take on new challenges looking to the future, and is created for, typically, start-ups that will continue to grow. To this end, the Growth Market is set to be a market for “pioneering success.”