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Production Story 2: Inside story of the market segment logos


Production Story 2: Inside story of the market segment logos

We explained the thoughts behind the campaign logo for the market restructuring in the previous article. As already described, this logo is circle-shaped with the three new market segments overlapping, but if you look closely, those segments each use a different font. In this article, we would like to talk about the story behind these.

Logos embodying the concepts

TSE has many objectives in carrying out the market restructuring, but one of these is to clarify each market segment’s concept, which has been vague up to now, and create an easy-to-understand and highly convenient market. To clearly differentiate each market segment, each logo embraces a theme.

The Prime Market: “Quality”

The font of the Prime Market’s logo is elegant and graceful, representing the “quality” of Prime Market-listed companies which are active on the global stage.


The Standard Market: “Authenticity”

The logo of the Standard Market uses a simple and widely used font. The Standard Market is the definitive market segment on TSE, and its logo embodies its “authenticity”.


The Growth Market: “Modernity”

The logo of the Growth Market uses a stylish and refined font which represents the “modernity” of Growth Market-listed companies that are carving out a new future.


Wishing for listed companies’ sustainable growth

When you look at the logos, you might notice that each font is devised to have a line extending upward.

We have explained the first objective of the market restructuring, but a second objective is to create a market underpinning the sustainable growth of listed companies. The line extending upward in the logos conveys our hope for listed companies’ constant growth over time.