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Production Story 1: Inside story of the campaign logo


Production Story 1: Inside story of the campaign logo

Do you know the meaning of the big logo on this site? The logo, which harmonizes the three primary colors of light, blue, red, and green, inside a circle, is the campaign logo Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) created for the market restructuring. In this article, we are going to explain the meaning of this campaign logo, and by doing this, explore the thoughts behind the market restructuring.

The three primary colors of light and the new market segments

On April 4, 2022, TSE will restructure its market and launch three new market segments, namely the Prime Market, the Standard Market, and the Growth Market. One of the main aims of this restructuring is to clarify the concept of each market segment and create markets that are easy to understand and highly convenient. To illustrate this, the campaign logo uses a vivid and clear color to represent each segment.

First, for the Prime Market, aimed at world-leading companies achieving growth from a global perspective, the color is blue, which evokes the image of open sky and wide oceans, reflecting a mindset of overseas development and global expansion. The color of the Standard Market, for companies playing a central role in the Japanese economy as listed companies, is red, which is the corporate color of TSE operator Japan Exchange Group, and shows that TSE considers this the key market segment. Lastly, for the Growth Market, aimed at companies with high growth potential which take on new challenges one after another, the color is a lively green, a symbol of newly burgeoning leaves representing future growth potential.

Blue, red, and green, the three primary colors of light, blend together to create dazzling white light. The new market, consisting of the three market segments, is expected to support listed companies’ growth and brightly illuminate their performance.

Three new segments shape the circle

The three new market segments with their respective colors overlap each other within a circle, forming the logo of the market restructuring. The circle will not be complete if it lacks any of the three market segments. The new market can only be shaped by the three new segments with their different concepts.

Because the shape of the logo is a circle, it can rotate. The three market segments are equal to each other and the logo is designed as a rotatable and symmetric circle to represent this. The addition of the rotation gimmick gives the logo dynamic movement, creating a lively feeling. The idea here is to vitalize the newly launching market.

Open to interpretation

The above is one example of TSE’s thoughts on the campaign logo and the market restructuring, but there are many other thoughts also incorporated into it. Stock markets are given significance through the gathering of different people with diverse ways of thinking. Please feel free to interpret the campaign logo’s meaning in your way.